February Intentions & Rose Petal Tea

I love Love. While the commercialism of Valentine’s day is overwhelming, idealistic, and a little nauseating, it is nice that love is on everyone’s mind this month. All this lovesick crap being forced down our throats is a loud reminder for us to refocus on what we love and what makes us the happiest.

Last month was a difficult one for me and I spent a lot of the beginning stressing over menial things, and wasting a lot of emotional energy on things that were out of my control. By the end of the month I had slowed down, perhaps because I was tired from fretting so much. Regardless, I spent more time focused inward, and nurturing my spirit. It was wonderful, and I noticed a difference. I found, unsurprisingly, that when I was happiest I had an easier time dealing with the responsibilities of life. I want to spread this into February.

Lovely Intentions

This month, I want to do more to nurture my spirit. For me, this means more yoga, reading, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Specifically;
– I want to do more full body yoga instead of falling back on the same hip opening flow I always do. This will force me to broaden my horizons in my practice and focus on some different muscle groups that are likely in need of some attention.
– I want to read more about energetics by continuing The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale.
– I want to work on my headstand. I crave being upside down and I am dying to nail this pose.
– I want to go more places that I love or just leave the house more often, whichever would be nice, and;
– I want to try some new recipes. I love being in the kitchen and I’ve been getting bored with my current meals so it will be nice to switch it up a bit.

I also want to nurture my relationships with the people who I care about. I want to try to have a regular girl’s night with my gal pals. We hardly ever see each other without the boys around…

I want to spend some quality time with my family, especially my grandma, and I want to go one some dates and spend some time with my partner in crime outside of our house.

I don’t want to make this month disgustingly about love, but I do want to go into it with my heart wide open and try to spend more time with the people I love. That time is so important for the soul.

What are you going to do this February?


 Rose Petal and Cinnamon Tea

Embrace this month with a cozy brew. This tea is sweet and savory, perfect for cozy nights in or as a gentle way to start your day.


  • 1 TBS dried orange peel (2 TBS if fresh)
  • Cinnamon stick
  • 2 TBS Rose Petals
  • Black Tea (optional)

Place cinnamon stick in 1 cup water, simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add rose petals and orange peel and let steep 5-10 minutes. If you want to add some caffeine or extra flavor to your tea, you can add a regular black tea bag with the rose petals and orange peel and let steep. Add milk or honey to taste. Enjoy. ❤


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