Benefits of Local Honey on Allergies


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There are plenty of reasons that raw local honey is the best option out there. One of which is that eating honey that is made by your neighborhood bees can help reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms (You can read about the others here).  Crazy, I know, but hear me out. This is amazing!

Let’s start by defining what causes allergies and your symptoms. When some people inhale pollen their body perceives the pollen as a foreign invader and launches an immune system attack. This attack results in symptoms such as sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, headaches and trouble breathing. All of these symptoms are due to the body’s release of histamines which causes inflammation and antibodies to protect itself against the invader.

What can honey do about this?

The thought behind honey as a natural allergy treatment is that raw honey contains pollen collected by the bees from the plants and flowers around you. Your local honey therefore contains pollen from your immediate environment; the same pollen that is causing your allergies.

Each spoonful of raw honey contains a small amount of this local pollen, that when ingested gets recognized by your immune system as an invader, but because it is such a small amount, the body is able to fight it without bothering you with symptoms of an allergy attack. Over time, your body will begin to remember how to effectively fight off the pollen and recognize it more quickly. This means that when allergy season comes around, your body will already know what to do when it experiences a mass amount pollen and how to do it quickly therefore reducing your symptoms either in intensity or duration.

Talk to your local beekeeper, support local business and find some relief this allergy season by eating some delicious honey!


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