Choosing Quality Essential Oils

I am guilty of it too. It’s okay. It is too tempting to buy cheap essential oils from places like TJ Maxx and Walmart. I get it. However, as I’ve journeyed further down the wormhole of natural medicine, I’ve learned that this is a waste of my money in the long run and some of them might actually be bad for me.

There is a lot going around the Internet about what is so bad about these cheaper essential oil brands, so I will make it brief here.

There are a few different types of essential oils out there.

Synthetic Oils:
Created in a laboratory to mimic natural oils. They are primary made from petrochemicals which are derived from petroleum and include benzene derivatives, aldehydes and many other toxins and synthesizers.

Extended or Altered:
These are fragrance grade, so they are meant to smell good. They are often diluted with DPG (Di Propylene Glycol) which is currently being researched for possible negative health benefits. These oils don’t contain the beneficial qualities and is only used for fragrance.

Natural and Certified:
These oils pass oil standard tests, so they are clean, but they may not contain any or just a few beneficial compounds. It is important to note that there are no real “rules” for what is required to use the word “natural” on a product label.

Therapeutic Grade:
The best option. These oils are pure steam distilled and contain all of the desired beneficial compounds.


What Makes a Quality Oil

Therapeutic grade oils are going to be your best bet if you are looking to receive the health benefits of essential oils. The best oils will not only be processed correctly to ensure that they contain as many compounds as possible but are also from companies that gather their plants sustainably and are responsible with the Earth.

I choose Young Living oils because they are involved in their oils from the planting to the processing. They refer to this as their Seed to Seal promise. They start with quality organic seeds grown in quality organic soil, and harvest sustainably to ensure their own future but also the future of the Earth. They then use a gentle technique for steam extraction of essential oils to preserve the constituents that can be burnt off in too high of heat or pressure. As a gardener, and nature enthusiast, I respect this process and as a herbalist I know that respecting the Earth and the plants you gather from it always results in a more beneficial product. You can read more about my choice here. 

So although the price tag is a little higher for these Therapeutic Grade oils, they are better for you and you will need less of them to receive their benefits.


Shameless Self-Plug

If you want to get started learning about essential oils and their benefits, feel free to contact me with your questions. I have created a quick information sheet for you as well, and you can find that linked below.

If you’re ready to jump in, I recommend buying a starter kit. Young Living has a ton of options, and by buying a bunch of oils in a kit you’ll save a pretty penny. Find more about this here



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