Spring Time Tea

The calendar says that it is spring, but unfortunately, here in the northeast, the thermostat does not. Whether it is still chilly or gently warming up in your area, springtime is a season of rejuvenation, of growth, and rebuilding. The Earth around us regrows old plants, and nurtures new growth. This is the perfect time for us to do the same. Mother knows best after all.

As I wait for the remaining snow to melt and the weather to be good enough to start preparing the vegetable garden, I’ve found myself journaling a lot about what I want to achieve this year, and how I want to grow personally. I often do this with a cup of tea. You can read more about my tea ritual here. 

My current favorite tea blend tastes and smells like springtime, which is honestly, very inspiring. It has everything that you’d want from a springtime tea. Its uplifting, bright, light and floral tasting. AND if that wasn’t enough, it is really good for you!

Let’s break this down. All of these herbs can likely be found at your local health food store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Spring Time Tea Recipe

1/2 part peppermint/spearmint
1/2 part orange peels
1 part rose hips
1 1/2 part rose petals

To make the tea, mix together your herbs. You can do this in a mason jar, and use a teaspoon of the mix per serving, or you can portion the herbs out into a tea infuser each time you want to drink it.

Measure out your herbs into your desired container (teaball, infuser, teapot, etc.) and pour hot water over the top of your herbs. Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Add raw local honey to taste and enjoy!

Why’s it so good for you?

Overall this tea is revitalizing to the spirit and rebuilding to multiple body systems. The herbs included form a balanced taste and energetic profile which is beneficial for all types of people. These herbs are considered safe for everyone.

Peppermint is stimulating, cooling and an anti-inflammatory meaning that while encouraging the blood to move more quickly through the body, it cools you down. This increased blood flow creates an emotional feeling of motivation and positivity. The anti-inflammatory actions are typically associated with the digestive system, reducing nausea and upset stomach, but peppermint will reduce inflammation in multiple body systems helping the body to run more efficiently.

Orange Peels are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which help support your immune system. They also contain fiber that benefit your digestive tract, and there is research currently being conducted about their positive effects on lung health.

Rose Hips are the fruit of the rose, and are incredibly high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which is, again, supportive for your immune system. They have also been known to support the digestive system and increase circulation just as peppermint does.

Rose Petals are extremely aromatic which is calming to the nervous system, and uplifting to the spirit. They are beneficial to your skin, your digestive tract and your immune system.

Together these herbs form a lovely blend that will help you step into spring with your best foot forward. Hopefully, the cold weather will break soon, but until then wrap up in a blanket and brew yourself a cup. We’ll ride the end of winter out together.



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