5 Things Every Twenty-Something (but really everyone) Should Read/Watch/Listen To

The Internet is amazing. Anything we want to know is a few seconds away, but it is difficult to know what is good information and what is not. As a twenty-something, I have a lot of questions and I have a lot of stress. Within the last year, I have been turning to a few information sources to help me deal with those and really just earn how to be a more conscious, well-rounded and nicer person.

Although I’m twenty-four and these things have helped me, I do believe that everyone can benefit from this list. The information that they provide is so sound and nourishing that it is worth anyone’s time.

The List

  1. Rotten (Netflix)
    Rotten is a Netflix documentary series that exposes some harsh truths and hidden stories of our food supply chain. I have watched three episodes so far, and it is so informative and eye-opening. So far, I have learned more about the illegal importation of Chinese honey into America, the complexity of food allergies, and why it is important to know where your garlic comes from. The best thing about this series in my opinion is that it is objective in its presentation of these events. When they are able to they interview both sides and present the information fairly. They also don’t preach anything at you, but instead, make recommendations on how you can be a more informed food consumer.
  2. Almost30 Podcast (Itunes)
    Almost30 is a podcast hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, and is focused on providing twenty-somethings with all the information that they need (and more) to learn about themselves, their passions, and just frankly, become more badass before they have to be “real” adults in their 30’s. I think that these episodes would be helpful and entertaining to anyone, regardless of age. They are just so funny, so inspirational and so informative. Listening to this podcast is like sitting and chatting in the car with your best gal pals. It is so refreshing.
  3. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
    I have to be real with you all, I am only two chapters into this book, but it is already changing my life. Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher who had a profound experience in the midst of suicidal depression that brought him back to reality and just straight up, saved his life. Now, he is teaching others how to let go of their past and learn to live in the present moment. This book fell into my lap and has been nothing but eye-opening since. It is everything that I need to hear at this point in my life, but I believe that it would be the same for anyone whenever they pick it up. It is difficult to explain the power that this book has.  I highly recommend giving it a try.
  4. The Higher Self Podcast (Itunes)
    When I first listened to Sahara Rose on the Highest Self Podcast, I wasn’t ready for her, and I didn’t like it. She just has so much quality information and is so grounded and true in what she is sharing with the world. The episodes I listened to the first few times brought up a few things about myself that I wasn’t ready to admit that I needed to change, but as time went on they became more and more clear. I was also a bit jealous of just how knowledgeable and enlightened she was. 
    If you are interested in Ayurveda, Natural health, and modern spirituality there is so much information on this podcast for you.

  5. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
    I first read this book in college for my freshman year composition class. My professor was a self-proclaimed Jedi (not a joke, he was crazy) and he was very into forcing us to soul-search. I can’t say that I got anything out of the book then, because I was being forced to read it but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It breaks life down into four agreements that you need to have with yourself to live a happy and fulfilled life. It was an easy, and a quick read but the lessons and agreements are something that I have held onto since. 

With everything that is going on in the world today, and the pressures that the up and coming Millennials have to deal with, I believe that having a well-balanced sense of self and an informed set of morals and values is so, so important. These resources have helped me on my way to developing those things and I hope they can do that for you as well. In the very least, they are entertaining!


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