The Future of Honey & Wildfire

It has been almost nine months since I began this blogging journey. I have learned a lot to say the least; about myself and the blogging world. Recently, I have been trying to figure out where my passion went for this blog, because deep down I do love it, but I haven’t been feeling motivated to post. I also haven’t been too thrilled with the content that I have been putting out. I want to take the time to make sure that I absolutely love the content that I am publishing and that it is open, honest, and accurate.

I have absolutely loved my journey into a holistic lifestyle so far, but there has been a lot of shit information that I have run into. I want to make sure that I am not falling into the trap of writing that type of content. That being said, Honey & Wildfire is not going anywhere, I am simply going to slow down for a bit. My goal is to post an article a week, but I’ll be honest, that is not going to happen all the time. I want to take some of the pressure off of myself to post regularly, and place that pressure on writing really great, enriching content.

What you can expect from me in the coming months:

  • A really great quality post once a week (hopefully).
  • Topics like spirituality, mindfulness, and more information on herbs.


Thank you all so much for reading and following! I appreciate every one of you! Please comment below or contact me on Instagram if you have any suggestions for content! Love you all!


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