Full Moon Tarot Spread

The full moon has many magical qualities. Even the non-voodoo-witchcraft people notice that everyone seems to lose their minds a little around the full moon. The full moon is an ideal time to hang out with people and share details of your journey, and also an ideal time to determine what you wish to do next. Reflection and direction.

If you clicked on this post, you already know that Tarot cards are a great tool for reflection, and can help us determine a possible direction. This full moon, which was last night, I found a spread that I really enjoyed and I had my ass handed to me by my cards.

The Spread

unnamed (2)

  1. You Are Here
    This card is your current position. Where are you? Why are you here pulling these cards? What’s going on for you right now?

    I pulled the Eight of Cups — stagnation, ill health. Yeah, so, for me this is a direct hit from the Universe. I have been dabbling in doing what I want to do and what I know I need to do for forward movement but I have been complacent and stagnant, waiting for the discomfort to pass before making the jump. It doesn’t work that way.

  2. Release
    This is the big thing releasing this Full Moon, or whenever you’re pulling these cards. Let this thing go, it no longer serves you.

    I pulled the Ten of Cups — Radiating Energy.  This is a tricky one because this is a positive card, but it warns that you can only feel and give this radiating energy by having an open heart and by releasing your doubt in power of yourself and this energy. This is creepy accurate for me right now because I just took a Reiki class and have been doubting my ability to perform this healing and to actually channel this energy. This card tells me to let go of that doubt and open my heart to the positive energy that I can radiate (and absorb).

  3. Lessons
    Releasing and starting fresh requires looking back and checking out what no longer serves you. When we’re doing this reflective work it is important to look at the lessons that these experiences have brought us.

    I pulled the Father of Wands — Charismatic and Creative. This card describes a character who others are drawn to naturally and who welcomes these people with an open and loving heart. He holds steady and still in conflict, and is often involved in the healing arts and is in tune with life and nature. This card is a mirror for me. I have learned in the past month or two that I am capable of being this type of person and this type of person is a piece of my authentic self. Also, another implication of the healing arts here, so yes, I hear you Universe.

  4. Blessings
    This card almost always points to things that in the moment are not considered blessings and are often annoying, irritating and difficult to overcome. Blessings in disguise, as they say… This card will bring to attention the blessing(s) in any obstacles you have faced.

    I pulled the Four of Swords — stillness, mental power. This card tells of the power to look inward and the ability to find mental power to cope with pressures. It tells us to take time to rest and recuperate so that we can remain still and calm under pressure. Sparing you the details, these past couple of months have been a difficult time for me and I do believe that my ability to cope with the pressure by turning inward was a blessing in my situation. I believe that my situation would have had the potential to be heart shattering and explosive had I not been still and taken time to rest through it.

  5. Dreams
    This is where you an potentially get to if you can release. What do you really want? What does your soul really want?

    I pulled the Seven of Cups — illusion, deception. Not a great card to pull for a dream, but I get it. What I really want in my situation is to avoid falling to temptation and creating a house of cards out of superficial desires. I am very good at rushing into things because they are what I want at surface level. This is my warning that unless, I release what I need to, I have the potential to fall into this trap again.

  6. Big Step
    This is the big thing that you need to do to reach your dream. The long term plan.

    I pulled Justice — decisions, karma. This card suggests that there will be weight or heaviness surrounding a choice that I will need to make. It suggests that I embrace the concept of divine balance or karma. This pull is super interesting to me because it is directly related to the fulfillment, or not, of the dream card and Justice has at least two paths that can be chosen. To me, this says that by making the right decision I can avoid the temptation and the house of cards that I typically fall for.

  7. Next Step
    This card is the now plan. What do I need to focus on next to move along my path? Don’t rush through releasing stuff to get to this step or you’re going to stumble. Release first, then step.

    I pulled the Five of Swords –self-destruction. Again, not a promising card. This card says that “You’ll be lured into another situation or argument you know to avoid. Selfishness and desire for power will lead you to defeat.” Doesn’t sound great, but again, I feel like this is a warning of possibility for me if I listen to my ego instead of my authentic self. By releasing my attachment to things, to power, to status, I will be able to resist temptation and destroy myself in a more positive way. I can give up the negative attachments of myself to create a new version of self.

I really liked this spread because you can see themes running through it, and that is why I used my own draw as an example. From my overall spread I can see that I am in a place of stagnancy and I should be seeking what I want, BUT in seeking I need to make critical decisions. When making these decisions I need to consider balance and karma, and make choices based out of my authentic self rather than my ego. I am being asked to release my fear of rejection and suffering and to open my heart to people in order to radiate the energy that I do possess whether I am ready to embrace it or not.




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