Respecting, Processing & Clearing Your Emotions

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way an expert in this, but I am sensitive. I am an empath so I suck up others emotions, and I magnify my own. What that means, basically, is that I am a crier. Although this attribute of mine isn’t super convenient, I’m learning that it is really healthy.

If I don’t cry, I bottle up the emotion I’m feeling and it translates in my body as aches and pains, illness, or comes exploding out of me the next time I feel something similar. There have been a lot of people in my life on the wrong end of that emotional explosion. So sorry for that! 🙂

The trick to preventing these things sounds easy. I just need to respect my emotions, process them and fully feel them out so that they leave me. The problem with this is timing. I can’t always let all the tears out, because sometimes I’m in public and sometimes, I am being dramatic in my emotional reaction. LOL, honesty.

What I have learned to do recently is talk myself down in my mind. I am an introvert so I am already so well trained in having an entire other life in my brain so this is not difficult for me to do. It might take practice for others, I don’t know.

Regardless, I tell myself that it is okay to feel angry/sad/disappointed/offended, etc. and explain to myself why I feel that way.

If the emotion is too intense, I will try this and then I will excuse myself from the situation and go to the bathroom or outside to just calm down a little bit. This is a great time to cry if necessary, but it is also a great time to try to rationalize why the other person might have said what they did or done what they did. Usually by this point, I can see if I’m just being dramatic and I can come back to this later when I have time to dig into why I’m being triggered by this. I can also see what exactly is upsetting me without the emotional charge.

The most important thing, I have found, is to let the emotion run its course. When I have felt an emotion thoroughly it disappears. What I am left with is a rational understanding of what upset me and why. With this information I can decide whether this is a “me problem” or a “them problem” and determine whether I want to take action to prevent it from happening again.

This process has given me so much more control over my emotional responses to situations and quite frankly, has made me a much easier person to hang out with. The more I practice this, the faster and the easier it gets. 10/10 would recommend to a fellow highly emotional human.



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