Simplifying Mindfulness

There is a TON of information out there for folks who are looking to get into a mindfulness practice. There are TONS of paid services, and subscription apps. All of this is great! It is awesome that there is so much good information out there and it is great that there are so many voices in the space, because this is good stuff to know. Mindfulness is the key to our future as a better society, but the thing is that you don’t NEED any products or any coaching to achieve results. All you truly need is you. You have all the answers already. You just need to remember them.

The Basics

  1. Finding time for silence
    The first step to mindfulness is to learn how to listen to yourself, and to really dig into who you are. This can be overwhelming, but if you can overcome the fear and self-doubt, you will be well on your way into mindfulness. Read more about this —> here.
  2. Realizing that all you can control is this moment
    Our culture is future oriented and past fed. It is difficult for us to focus on the here and now because it doesn’t feel like we are making any progress. That disconnect from the present is what causes our anxiety and fear of the future. What we need to do is to focus our whole being on our present moment, and realize that this is all that we can control. Read more about this —> here.
  3. Learning to differentiate your mind from your gut
    The goal of mindfulness is to be led by your intuition, but to get there we need to understand the difference between messages from our intuition and messages from our mind. They sound very different once you take the time to actually listen to them. The mind is controlling and ego-centered. The gut is intuitive and all-knowing. Learn more about this —> here.
  4. Making space
    Nothing that you desire in life can be received by you until you make the space for it. This space can be mental, emotion or physical. To manifest your dream life, you will need to unblock and clear space for what you want. So much more about this —> here.
  5. Respecting, processing & clearing your emotions
    Emotions are an amazing thing, but in our culture we are encouraged to hold them in. Subconsciously, we have been doing this our entire lives. What I have found on my mindfulness journey is the unearthing of emotions from my past, and the development of deeper emotional awareness in my present. To remain conscious or mindful, I have had to learn how to process and clear them. Learn more about this process —> here.

These steps/tips, whatever you want to call them, are just the beginning and simply what I have learned so far. There is so much more to be discovered and I am excited for the journey. If you are on your own journey I would love to hear from you about what you have learned, and if any of this resonated with you. I have found that I receive the most peace and cultivate the most growth when I do not pay for these services, but sometimes that is different for others.

Thank you so much for reading! Love and light to you all!


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