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Starting with a personal story, when I was undergoing treatment for my Lyme Disease, I chose to follow an herbal protocol. My herbalist told me to put a particular blend of essential oils on my feet before I went to bed for the first couple of months. I thought it was total witchcraft but I did it anyway. The results of this weren’t obvious to me because of all the other herbal products I was using, but in the months following she told me to put lavender oil on the bottom of my feet before bed to help me calm down in order to sleep. The result were immediate and I continue to use a lavender roller ball before bed to this day. 

There is science behind the effectiveness of oils, although not much, so we can call it hippie voodoo magic. If you are looking for a convenient way to improve your wellness- physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, essential oils are a good starting point for you.

But where to begin? With all the information out there, it can be quite a wormhole. So, let me break it down for you.

It is important to buy high quality oils. After all, you are using them for your health. You can read more about this here.

Why do I buy from Young Living? 

I have tried to cheap-out on oils, but I have noticed that they either don’t work at all or they don’t work as well. Either way, I am wasting money. So, I bite the bullet and buy from a company that I believe in and trust. I get a better product, and I have to use less of it because it works so well.


Young Living has 20+ years of experience and is the world leader and pioneer in essential oil research and distillation process. They developed the guidelines for Therapeutic Grade oils and continue to improve what that distinction means.

Seed to Seal Process

Young Living is highly involved in the creation of their oils from day one or the seeding of their plants. They are beyond organic and work tirelessly to ensure the purity and potency of their oils. 

You can read more about the Seed to Seal Process here.


Young Living owns their own farms around the world. You can read about each of them here. They allow you to visit them and be a part of the distillation process. 

Quality Testing

Young Living is the only company to submit their oils to AIRASE for purity testing. Read more about that here. They also continuously research the components of each of their oils for possible negative health effects and then purify their oils further, which I think is super cool. 


Young Living was started as a small family business by Gary D. Young. 

Options & Expiration Dates

They have over 120 singles and blends, along with a bunch of other lifestyle products that are all based around the same purity standards as their oils. Plus, Young Living oils do not have an expiration date and they are safe for indigestion. 


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